The birthday party of someone is a very special moment that comes once a year in their life. The birthday parties are very important in someone’s life because he has spend a good time and waiting for a good time. However, he is expecting his family, friend, and love ones is giving very strong and unforgettable moments of life. All they wish his or her come and participate in her ceremony and give them a very amazing gift, flowers, messages, and prayers.

Birthday party background

The history reveals the birthday celebration has deep roots in Greeks. They celebrated the annual birthday of many God and goddesses. Another example of ancient birthday parties that was celebrated by the Romans they have a splendid birthday party of only common men not women. In fact, on 29 February people called leapers can celebrate their birthday every four years. That is a more exciting moment for them.

Birthday party

The number of traditions and culture can be seen in how did they celebrate their birthday parties. Meanwhile, these birthday parties are classified into three main age groups.

Kids birthday parties

In some Asian countries, Nepal India, and Pakistan, the first birthday was celebrated of their kids with a head shave and share meals with guests. in Islamic countries, the first birthday is called “aqeeqa”. In these birthday parties, parents slaughtered the goat as a charity of his kids within the cake.

For the planning of your kids, boy, and girls, you must choose a theme of their interest and most famous in town. Here are some ideas for your kid’s birthday boom. you can add a pool party theme, then a paintball party theme, and a bowling birthday party.

Adult birthday parties

In some tradition, special parties arrange in churches of adult boys, is called coming of age. The modernization gives many ideas to make it fabulous. here some ideas. For example, a super soft birthday party and decorate your yard with birthday signs. However, you can have outdoor party places for birthdays like; casinos birthday parties, bar birthday parties and have funky carryout picnic meals with your friends. Usually, adults have extraordinary fun by Throwing cakes and wine on your birthday person’s face. you can contact a birthday planner for the theme of the birthday. There will faves attractive them like harry potter, 

Old age birthday parties

Above 70 years we called them a senior citizen. Their birthday parties are not high in trending. But it rare in western societies. we can decorate their room with balloons.