Google Birthday Surprise Spinner. It is the tradition of Google to celebrate as well as acknowledge all the world incidents. Google’s logo is usually designed specially according to the situation and incidents. It shows Google’s worldwide level of interaction and acceptance.

Any doodle designed by google can tell the whole story about that specific day or date. So how google can forget its own special day, the day when it was first operational, 26 of September 1998. Google has introduced a birthday surprise spinner on its very special day of 19 birthday.

Till now it has about 19 animated party games which are also known as “big 19”. These 19 doodles are animations to play and entertain the users.  So, 19 doodles are assembled into a meta doodle and make a spinner. People can use that spinner to choose any of the given doodle games to play and entertain themselves.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

The next question is how to use the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner? It is again a simple, easy, and entertaining process. Just go on google homepage, search for a spinner, choose it and click to spin. On click, you will be given a choice either to play the game chosen by a spinner or go for another try to spin.

In this way, you may get another chance to choose games as per your choice but sometimes it may make users a bit annoys due to the random choice of unexpected games.

This spinner gives an opportunity to the users to play and browse all 19 old doodle games which are memorable and interactive such as Halloween doodle the cat doodles and ghost games. similarly, the snake game, Pac Man, Birthday pinata and cricket games, etc.

Halloween Doodles

Halloween doodle is one of the most famous doodles of google. Google doodle Halloween every year and it is one of the most-watched doodles in about 40 countries. Now from Halloween doodles cat doodles and ghost games are most entertaining, interactive, and played games.

Cat Doodle

Cat doodle game was introduced in the 2016 Halloween doodle. It has a cat named Momo on her mission to rescue her school of magic. The player needs to help the cat to swipe the bad spirit in the shape of symbols over her head. This doodle game needs a fast speed to overcome the master spellbook before it gets over.

Ghost Game Google Surprise Spinner

Google doodle Halloween of 2018 was a ghost game named Great Ghoul Duel. Ghost game google may introduce a user to the game where users can make teams by inviting friends or family.

They needed to collect wandering spirit flames. These collections will count after the user reached the home base within two minutes. Be alert because any team can steal those spirit flams to deposit at their own home base. The reward of the speed boost or night vision is given to the winners.

So, on the occasion of google birthday, by providing a birthday surprise spinner google provide equal chances for the users to entertain themselves and shout aloud

Happy Birthday Google