Happy Birthday Cousin. Cousins are meant to be friends or mates with whom we share our childhood memories, family events, love, joy, and even sorrows of family life. They are one of those people who stand with you in both good and bad situations.

Sometimes cousins are considered one of best friends. So, cousin birthdays are one of the main events in a year and can’t be forgotten. Love and care can be expressed by just saying “Happy Birthday Cuz”.

Cousins’ birthday is such an occasion which no one wants to miss. Celebrations and joys shared with them always make the party very special. Usually at such parties many funny and interesting things happen. Wishing Happy birthday cousin funny and loveable ways are always appreciated by families.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

To be funny new words and actions are invented every time to show something special and unique. In funny ways, childhood pictures or incidents are referred to. Happy birthday cousin quotes are available on different sites to help to wish your cousins in a unique and new style.

These websites provide hundreds and thousands of different and new quotes to wish cousins. These funny quotes really show the love and true emotions of a person as you can show your real sides of yourself. There is always a level of frankness and loyalty among cousins.

Best wishes, cousin! It’s hard to believe that you’re a hundred!

Wishing the ancient one a Happy Birthday! Enjoy celebrating your many years, cousin!

Happy Birthday to my dear cousin! You can’t fool me! I know how old you really are!

In the year you were born, cousin, the first plane flew! That must have really been something!

Today is your birthday, cousin! I hope no one else knows your real age!

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On your birthday, cousin, people will tell you not to worry; that you should be carefree. Those people are wrong!

At your age, you really should worry and care a lot! It’s time to panic!

When I look at you, I don’t see a cousin. I see grandpa! Best wishes, old guy!

For your cousin, Happy Birthday to someone who is utterly fabulous.

Your cake has so many candles that it’s become a fire hazard. Mwahaha. I meant congrats on getting older cousin!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin

Some simple postcards or pictures labeled with Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin may express your feelings towards them because some emotions don’t need words but just the presence.

Male and female cousins both can be wished birthday in different ways. Usually, men are meant to have a personality and style. To wish them sometime a respect comes first if you wish a happy birthday cousin male who is like an elder brother.

Sometimes sending wishing a naughty or witty birthday wish to a male cousin is a better option.  But in both cases, birthday wishes, and expression of love and care is necessary because they are one of the very special parts of your life which can’t be neglected.

On the other hand, to wish for a female cousin is always considered a simple, easy, and loveable process. Gifts, wishes, and surprise parties are the main ingredients that may make them feel special. Even your words Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin may also make them happy and make their day.

Hey, cuz, happy birthday! I have decided that honesty is truly the best policy, so I am sending you this message: You are old. So, very old.

At your age, cousin, things can slip your mind… like your own birthday! Remembering you today, because you probably won’t!

Your birthday is remarkable, to me, cousin! I get to tell people that I am related to the oldest person in the world!

Cousin, it is your birthday! May your 100th be the best one, yet!

May this day overflow with joy! May you be aware of how loved you are by our family! Happy B-Day, beautiful cousin!

Cousin, may your birthday celebration be astounding! May it stand out and be the best night of your life!

I missed your birthday, and I’m so upset with myself. Because I’m so sorry, I’m sending you extra wishes and extra love, dear cousin.

Happy belated birthday, cousin. Sincere wishes from the absent-minded cousin who loves you dearly.

Happy_Birthday Cousin Images

Happy birthday cousin images are also available online on different sites. What good and common things in these images you can find is that they show the true meanings of friendship and love. These images sometimes make us nostalgic about our childhood friendship and love.

Happy Belated_Birthday Cousin

But in case if you forget such an important day or were not able to reach or deliver any message it’s not a big problem. “Happy Belated Birthday cousin” are such magic words that can compensate for your ignorance or negligence. Don’t be shy to say belated happy birthday because cousins are those who know us very well and we don’t need to hide our feelings from them.

I just wanted to wish you the best on your birthday. You’re a wonderful guy and an awesome cousin.

Out of all my male cousins, you’re the greatest. I’m wishing you the best on your birthday, and I’m sending you lots of warm wishes!

Every year you look prettier, and every year I’m more thankful that you’re my cousin. Birthday greetings, wishes, and love are sent your way today.

Growing older isn’t so bad when you have a loving cousin in your life. Hope you feel the same, girl. Love, happiness, and good wishes on your birthday, cousin.

To my dearest cousin on her birthday. I wish you every joy life has to offer and more. Thank you for being a wonderful cousin.