In the modern world of science and technology, each aspect of life has changed. Such changes are even in our way of celebrations of birthday too. Now a day to wish a birthday with simple words or cards is considered outdated. Most people share their wishes and feelings through happy birthday Gifs.

GIF stands for graphic interchange format in which animated characters with words and music can be presented at the same time.

Each social media platform has now given Gif options to celebrate the occasion on the spot with the expressions of feelings. Birthday Gifs are now the most used gifs on social media as well as on e-cards. 

Funny Birthday Gifs:

The best part of the gif is the funny expressions that are all in one graphic picture. Happy birthday-gifs have a lot of options. Birthday Gif is interesting as it can be specified according to age and gender groups. Gifs are now famous due to their versatility. The use of music, cartoon characters, pictures, and phrases has made gifs more adoptable. 

Happy Birthday gif

Funny Birthday_Gifs Cartoon:

Funny birthday gifs usually are made by the use of cartoon characters. They are not age-specific. These funny gifs are equally popular among adults and kids. Mostly Minions, smurf, teddy bears, chipmunks, and many more cartoon characters are used for funny birthday Gifs.

Funny Birthday_Gifs Music:

Funny birthday gifs music is usually loud with traditional words of Happy Birthday. The new thing used in Gif music is the variations of sounds in a few seconds of the clip. Sometimes Gif only uses music without having any lyrics. Words are written on the Gifs like happy birthday bro etc. 

Funny Happy Birthday Images:

Funny happy_birthday images are usually used for Gifs. Sometimes those funny images are just a reaction of a person as the open mouth or surprised hugs etc.

Memorable moments can be converted into funny_Gifs to explain the incidents to others. It sometimes surprises some people to see the Gifs of their pictures of previous birthdays or any other funny incidents.

Happy Birthday Gifs for Her:

Happy birthday Gifs for her usually contain a bouquet of flowers or cake or a clip of poetry. These Gifs have special colors usually in pink, white, or red to show kind and fragile emotions.

Sometimes happy birthday Gifs for her may contain funny materials too. It all depends upon the age for whom it is made. Online sources can be used to get Gifs. Some websites even provide the facility to make customize Gifs for everyone.