Birthday is the day of enjoyment. This day comes after a year. People celebrate this day with great pleasure and joy in every part of the world. Different people have different traditions and rituals to celebrate their events. People have different styles and sayings to wish birthday to their dear ones. The question arises how do you say happy birthday in Italian? We say Buon compleanno which means happy birthday in Italian. In other words, Buon compleanno is used for happy birthday Italian. 

Birthday Wishes

People from different countries say birthday wishes in their own language. In Italian, people used to say auguri di buon compleanno for birthday wishes. Another phrase used in Italian is tanti auguri which means best wishes. Birthday wishes are a sign of love and care for the birthday person. These wishes make them happy and special. These make their day more memorable and joyful. 

Italian Vocabulary

Italian language is a different language.

  • If you want to say congratulation in Italian, you will say congratulazioni.
  • If you want to say friend, you will say amica for female friend in Italian. Similarly, you will say amico for male friends in Italian.
  • If you want to say my friend in Italian, you will say mio amico.
  • If you want to say happy birthday my friend in Italian, you will say buon compleanno amico mio.
  • In Italian, torta used for cake, candele for candles, decorazione for decoration, palloncini for balloons, I regali for gifts, bambine for children, festa for party, and giorona for day.

Italian Birthday 

Italian birthdays usually mean cake and gifts. Italy people celebrate their birthdays with the traditional concepts of cake, candles, and party, etc. people used to send beautiful invitation cards for guests to invite them to their birthday parties. The birthday person used to blow the candles and cut the cake. People give gifts and best birthday wishes to the person. In the Italian party, the host might be getting ready meals or purchasing meals for the guests. Gifts are the beauty of wishes. In Italy, gifts wrapping as important as gifts. People used to wrap the gift beautifully and gifts open in front of all the guests. People arrange unique and entertaining games for children to stay busy and not get bored.