“When in Rome do as the roman do “so when you are in Spain you should wish them happy birthday in Spanish language and as per their customs. In Spain, birthday wishes are given by saying “Feliz Cumpleanos” (Happy Birthday).

Happy in the Spanish language is Feliz and Birthday in Spanish is Cumpleanos. In fact, cumpleanos meaning in the Spanish language is completing a year, so by wishing happy birthday in Spanish is a wish to complete a year so peacefully.

As Spain is so full of diversity and having a deeply cultural nation, they have their specific norms and rules to live a life. In the case of Birthday celebrations, Spanish people also have a specific trend which again differs from the rest of the world.

Birthday In Spanish

They hug a lot to each other’s and wish Happy Birthday again and again. Another custom to wish Happy Birthday in Spanish people is to snap with fingers at the forehead of the birthday boy or girl as much as their age. Spanish Birthday celebrations are not once a year but interestingly they celebrate twice.

The first celebration is on the actual date of birth and the second is on the Saint’s day to whom they are named after. They get chances to party again and again. But usually, such celebrations happen on the public holidays to make sure the easiness of guests and hosts as well.

Spanish Birthday Celebrations

Spanish Birthday celebrations are more about the person and emotions rather than materials. They usually do not give gifts on this occasion. Celebrate Birthdays by wishing and showing the presence of themselves around the birthday boy/ girl. They cut the cake and sing a song saying “Feliz Cumpleanos”.

The first bite is for a special birthday person without cutting the cake. Host arrange birthday parties and bears all the expenses to enjoy the company of loved ones.

Spanish people are too many family-centric people. They love to celebrate with their kids and families. Spanish kids’ birthdays are very special occasion as the whole family gather at such occasions and celebrate their year completion.

This family gathering also includes the kid’s classmates and friends. Such parties are usually organized in children’s interest areas like gaming areas or open playgrounds, so they enjoy a lot their activities. Breaking a Pinata is also a colorful tradition of celebrating a birthday like Spanish people.

The pinatas are normally filled with candies or chocolates which are treated for the kids. Wearing a specific hat and sitting in the front row of the class for the whole day is another beautiful ritual in Spain.

Happy Birthday Spanish

But Happy Birthday for a Spanish teenage girl who turned to be fifteen is a totally different experience. Wearing a very special fancy dress and heels in a shoe girl show changes in its age status. Birthday girl the Festejada is expected to be a woman and celebrate this Spanish Birthday named as “Quinceanera”.

This celebration is started with religious rituals Misa de Accion de gracias and followed by many customary traditions. One of them is a dance with their father. The birthday girl is supposed to dance the waltz with her father and elder brother.  Another one is to present a younger girl with a porcelain doll by birthday girl.

This special birthday in Spanish is celebrated as two-fold, one is to be thankful for having a cherished childhood and the second is to enter a new gate of adulthood. So, the birthday wish in Spanish is as unique and diverse as much they are.

Happy_Birthday In Spanish

Los verdaderos amigos son para siempre. Si miro hacia el futuro veo muchos más años de amistad y recuerdos. ¡Espero que tengas un cumpleaños fantástico!

True friends are forever. If I look to the future, I see many more years of friendship and memories. I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

¡Levantemos las copas para brindar! Hoy es tu cumpleaños, así que es la ocasión perfecta para que lo celebremos. Te mando mis mejores deseos de cumpleaños desde lo profundo de mi corazón.

Querido amigo, estoy orgulloso de poder compartir mi vida con una persona con tan buen corazón como tú. Espero que tu cumpleaños te traiga todo lo que desees.

Espero que todos tus deseos de cumpleaños se hagan realidad. Te deseo que seas muy feliz, que compartas tu amor y dejes que te quieran, querida amiga.

Somos tal para cual. Uno del otro. Que nunca nos separemos. Hagamos que nuestro amor nos mantenga juntos. ¡Feliz cumpleaños a mi novio maravilloso!

Funny Happy_Birthday In Spanish

Otro año más, otro año más sabio, para que puedas ponernos a nosotros los jóvenes en nuestro lugar.

La edad es relativa; la verdadera juventud se encuentra en el espíritu. Así que trae el vino, que algo encontraremos dentro de una botella de alcohol. Feliz cumpleaños.

Que tu cumpleaños sea un día de descanso o un día que vas a salir, a beber y a morirte de la risa. Elige tú, feliz cumpleaños.

¡Felicidades / Enhorabuena por vuestro bebé! = Congratulations on your new baby!

¡Enhorabuena por el resultado de tus exámenes! = Congratulations for your exam results!

Qué tengas mucha suerte en el mundo laboral. = Good luck in the world of work.

Te deseo lo mejor. = I wish you the best.