Every birthday party having cake, candles, held at any corner of the world, of any age of people, have one thing in common, that is the happy birthday song. It is one of the most sung songs in history. Happy birthday song is the real soul of any birthday party.

Any idea of celebrating a birthday is incomplete without happy birthday songs. It is not specific for any age group to sing or like a happy birthday song. In fact, it is equally popular among kids, adults, and even old people.

Happy Birthday Lyrics

To wish birthday with good wishes and prayers has a very old unknown history. But the famous happy birthday song was firstly written by two sisters Patty and Madrid, they were from Louisville, Kentucky. They claimed that they wrote happy birthday lyrics for school children.

This song is transformed from the original version of “Good Morning to all” to Happy Birthday. This song was printed in 1912. Till the 1920s this song got so much famous that in the United States of America almost every birthday party started with this song.

Happy Birthday Song Lyrics Are So Simple But Delightful. The Lyrics of The Song Are:

  1. Happy Birthday to you.
  2. Happy Birthday to you.
  3. Happy Birthday, Dear XYZ.
  4. Happy Birthday To You.

Another beautiful feature of this simple birthday song is its adaptivity in every language. Every language of the world borrowed this song to express birthday wishes.

Although locals of any region have wishes in their own languages too. But for the sake of celebrations, this song is usually sung and loved by all.

Happy birthday song is although too popular, but still it is not public property. To use this song for any Movie, Dramas or any kind of advertisement, you must pay the warner/chappal.

They have their legal copyrights. But as it is the mandatory part of the birthday celebrations so, many updated and changed versions are available in the market. Even the hotels, malls, and community centers have made such versions of happy birthday songs that are unique and even loved by the people.

Best Birthday Songs

By the time many great singers produced the best birthday songs which are appreciated by the people. Individuality, uniqueness, and newness are some factors to make them famous.

Although they are basically on the same topic, different compositions and lyrics made each and every song unique. Some of popular best birthday songs are:

  1. 16 Candles by The Crests
  2. It’s my Party by Leslie Gore
  3. Happy Birthday by Altered Images
  4. Birthday by Katy Perry
  5. Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder
  6. Birthday by The Beatles
  7. Birthday Cake by Rihanna
  8. B’Day Song by Madonna
  9. Unhappy Birthday by The Smiths
  10. Birthday Song by Don McLean

Funny Happy Birthday Song

Many funny happy birthday songs are also being composed in the last few decades. These funny birthday songs are a great source of pleasure and show the closeness and affection with friends and family. They are available in many languages. My favorite funny song is Happy birthday to you by Krsna Solo.

Happy Birthday to You
You live in a zoo
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.