Golden Birthday is a birthday when age and birthday year is the same. It is obvious that a birthday is a special occasion for everyone, but it becomes more special if it is a very rare birthday as golden silver or platinum birthday. The concept of these birthday events are as the achievement of an age group milestones. As if you turn 25 then that birthday will be your silver birthday. Similarly, for achieving 50 years of age you can call that day a golden_birthday and for 75 years you can celebrate the platinum birthday with proud to be successful.

What is a Golden Birthday?

There are two concepts of golden_birthdays. Birthday on which you turn of the same age as of the date that will be called golden_birthday. For example, if you turn 18 on the 18th of august it’s your golden_birthday.

 And the second concept is a little difficult as that concept is based on the month and date of your birth. To know about your golden_birthday, you have to put your date with your month of birth and generate the figure. That figure will determine your golden birthday year. For example, if your birthday is on the 7th of July then your golden_birthday will be the 77th birthday.  The second concept of the golden_birthday is not too much accepted because it is usually too long to wait to celebrate a golden_birthday which is now a day impossible to do. So take golden birthday meanings first which comes first in your life.

Golden Year Meanings

The meanings of the golden years are different for everyone. Some people consider their young age as golden years as they have plenty of strength and enjoyment to spend life. But some consider old age as the golden years when they have spent their life and achieved as much as they can from life. Whatever meaning of golden years are taken, the real spirit should enjoy each and every moment of your life is.

Golden Birthday Ideas

To make a special birthday more unique and memorable many ideas are available. As it is named the golden_birthday, the theme of the birthday may be considered golden and glitters. The golden theme can be accompanied by a light color of the dress code. Golden_Birthday Cake can be preferred with gold shimmer or in brick gold color. Decorations of golden_birthday event can be customized with light and dark combinations like gold and black or red and gold or all white with gold borders.

Besides all these glittery and loud birthday parties many unique ideas can be considered to celebrate this special occasion such as to travel a long destination with your partner to make your time memorable. To put a distance party with friends on weekend. To celebrate or cut your cake on the ship in the middle of a sea and many more.  

Golden Girls Birthday

Golden girls is a known sitcom in America. After 35 years of being aired still, it is so popular in America that usually ladies at their golden_Birthday parties prefer to have a theme of golden_girls. Their face printed plates or other party decorations items are used as the theme of the golden girl’s birthday party. For a senior citizen or even ladies’ friends can arrange a golden_girl theme birthday party and can shout loudly

“Happy birthday golden girl”