A unicorn is a mystical white horse with a horn on its forehead with a colorful tail. It is believed that unicorns are supposed to have a spiritual ability to heal sickness. Nowadays this symbolic creature is used as a theme to arrange the events.  Mostly this theme is used to arrange the parties as to the unicorn birthday party. It has become a trend to celebrate parties with a theme. The unicorn theme party is equally famous and popular among kids and elders due to its soft and vibrant colors.

Unicorn Theme Party Ideas:

Unicorn party ideas are now common in the market as it is mostly used for the celebration of a birthday in unicorn party different items are used to relate the unicorn. Usually, a big picture of a unicorn is used. Colorful balloons in basic rainbow colors, paper flags, pastel pallets, or even dress according to the unicorn colors may make the unicorn party very sophisticated and enjoyable.

unicorn birthday theme

Unicorn Decorations:

Unicorn decorations are all related to unicorn colors and personality. In unicorn decorations, many things are included 

  • Unicorn invitations
  • Balloons with rainbow colors.
  • Pastels and flowers of light colors
  • Gift bags
  • Unicorn cookies

unicorn birthday setup

Unicorn Birthday Cake:

The unicorn Birthday cake is the most important and central ingredient of any unicorn theme birthday party. It usually resembles a unicorn in shape or sometimes in some features. It is usually with a white outer base and sparkling eyes. A horn in gold color is usually placed in the center of the cake to resemble a unicorn.

unicorn cake for birthdayThe colorful ingredients of the cake base are shown by cutting it. they are mostly in rainbow colors. The center of this central piece is always in rainbow colors with a sweet and delicious taste.

Cupcakes are an additional accessory to accompany the central unicorn cake. They can also be decorated with colorful frosting and pearl sparkling with a bit different style to present a unicorn theme. Even cake pops having little horns are a favorite of party kids.

unicorn birthday cake

Unicorn Party Favors:

Party favors are an essential part of any party. Guests are given some gifts to thank them for attending the event or ceremony. Unicorn party favors are memorable for kids about the celebration of birthdays. If these party favors are in resemblance to unicorns then it enhances their importance more.

These favors can be in the shape of goodie boxes on which a unicorn is printed or maybe some plastic bottles or boxes with unicorn prints. Daily usable items in favors gifts are more appreciated.

But sometimes they may be Candies, cookies, or pops with unicorn decorations. Another idea is accessories like headbands, necklaces, or other ornaments with unicorn shapes and colors. These favors have only one purpose: to thank the guests and make them remember happy birthday unicorns.

unicorn birthday gift